African Odyssey

Kenya had been in mind for several years since my mum visited it in 2004 and my own interest in all wild creatures (both big and small). I finally decided that it had to be this year .The first step was to take the Yellow Fever Vaccine which can take a bit of effort if one attempts at short notice .With that taken care off , started  researching on places to go and from a week the plan changed to two countries and two weeks in the end.  On the Visa front I took the e-visa else one can also get VOA.

Route taken ::

Jambo Kenya

The first leg of my journey started from Nairobi to Masai Mara. At Nairobi I was picked up with several other travelers in the van to start the road trip. The first few hours on road was fun with new tarred roads and a lunch stop at Naruk. The food was a mix of Indian with a kenyan twist to my surprise- Rice ,Veggies ,Dal and some be…

Roaming Rajasthan

A bit late but nevertheless such is the pace of work these days ..

Travelled across Rajasthan with mum this Jan/Feb.

It was a nice week spent together on road and visiting various places of interests. I was amazed with the tourist friendly nature of most places there and also cleanliness around.

Here are some pictures from there and more at this link 

We visited the following places and for lack of time skipped few like Jaipur etc.. The roads except for some part of Kumbalgarh was in top conditions for the folks who love to drive.


Udaipur-White City

Things I liked doing:
Lake Pichola and boat ride thereCity Palace and Museum - Mor chowl, Moti Mahal, Krishna villas, Zenana Mahal, Chini Mahal etcPuppet show at Bagore ki HaveliFathehsagar lake  Skipped
Sound and Light show at Palace since 'Bagore ki Haveli' was far betterVintage car musuem -didnt plan properly

Its the second longest wall in the worl…

Chasing a slice of history

Was visiting Dehradun for the first time and was chasing some history .. Visited and found details of my dad who had studied at RIMC and IMA in 1950s and 1960s and also my great grandfather who was in the first batch of FRI in 1890s. It was an overwhelming experience for sure . I was lucky enough to even catch the passing out parade rehersals at IMA

Some pics and more here

Uttarakhand: Winged Beauties

After a long time I was headed up north on some work and decided to take some timeoff on the way back . 

Spoke to few people at Dehradun and they suggested a nature reserve Jaberkhet outskirts of Landour.  So from Roorkee/Hardiwar headed to this amazing reserve.  There was a small cafe outside it run by a mum/daughter is where I stayed and in the evening and morning went for treks into the reserve.  It was very cold (December) and google showed it as minus 2 in the morning so with layers of clothes and trekking shoes walked around in search of winged beauties. The views of mountains and the winter sun was just worth all the effort , however winged beauties were few because of chill in the air.. Here are some of them ..

From there I headed in search of history at RIMC,IMA where dad had studied and FRI where my great great grandfather and great grandfather had studied.. Some winged beauties from those campuses

More here

On the road again:Coonoor

Work was stressing me out last week and what better way than driving out of the city to my second home and being close to nature and birds ..

Some pics from there and some more here

On the Road Again:Ganeshgudi

With neck deep in work for over a month, I was looking to head out of the city to quieter and greener pastures in search of some beautiful winged creatures. Asked around a bit and as it usually happens everybody seemed busy.. So decide to head out solo to Ganeshgudi. Had driven down twice before .. The long 500km drive is worth all the effort once you reach.. The serenity and the variety of birds one can capture is just amazing..Some shots from there.

Some more here

On the Road Again:Coonoor

Some beautiful small winged creatures..

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